Special Cruises Deals

Since cruises are becoming more and more mainstream option for unforgettable and more presonalized vacation – thematic special cruises are one of the most popular, ranging from hobbies to lifestyles, are a way to personalize your holiday experience.

Thematic Special Cruises

Basically, a theme cruise is something that the cruise line creates onboard one of its ships and all passengers are encouraged in participation. This used to be fairly common when shipboard transportation meant long stretches at sea for cross ocean routes. However, with over 2000 passengers on most ships, and pleasure cruises with several port stops, theme cruise isn’t always practical to turn an entire cruise ship into a themed cruise.

Annual festivities such as Carnival’s NASCAR voyage, Regent Seven Seas’ annual Chocolate Cruise and Holland America’s jazz festival do appeal to a broad enough audience to warrant cruise line involvement.

Cruises of special interest are the most common of the so-called “theme cruises. Those are voyages in which a special interest group arranges to purchase a number of staterooms in different categories, sets up an itinerary, arranges for special guests or notables, and markets the cruise to people who would be interested in that activity. Interest of those cruises may vary from scrapbooking to baseball. Groups usually have little impact on the other vacationers onboard although some of the public spaces may be taken over by the group.

Full Ship Charter cruises are one of those type of cruise, where the entire ship is organized around the interest-du-jour and so everyone participates, to some theme related activity. Among those organizations that are known for full ship charter cruises are Atlantis Events, which organizes gay and lesbian cruises, and PartyPoker.com’s yearly gaming tourney.

Theme cruises are also a option for families which may include the opportunity for you and you family members to explore the ocean and learn about its hidden universe. Take a look and see the possibilities that await you and your family on these extraordinary theme cruises.

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